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Creating art to enhance your lifestyle and interior design 

The world that surrounds us is vast and far-reaching. The beauty of being in the center of such diversity is that you can find beauty and connection in almost anything. It can be a fleeting moment in time where something seemingly inconsequential might bring about a life-altering revelation, or it can be a huge celebration that you will likely remember for the rest of your life.

My job as an artist is to capture these moments and make something intangible by design into something that you can hold in your hands. If what I create as an artist takes you back to that moment or makes you feel the same way you felt in that moment, then I consider it a success. That’s my philosophy.

Art by Brent
Hello, my name is Brent, I'm a creative designer.

My creative journey and art career extended from secondary school, formed within technical colleges and launched my profession as a Graphic Designer. It’s been 30 years now that I have been applying my artistic skills, where over this time, I have worked hard on perfecting my craft and expanding my skill set.

I have become proficient with several mediums and the many types of media through my years of experience, and can use a combination of different digital platforms to create unique and alluring designs.

All of my work is available to purchase, so if you are an art lover or an art collector, then you might find something that you like in my work. I also create pieces for interior designers who are looking for an artist to help them with their clients' requests.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss what you are looking for, as I'd love the opportunity to create something special for you... or if you would like some digital marketing support and would like to know more, please view my LinkedIn page here.

Best regards,


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Figurative sculpture standing on dining room table
Framed Portrait Sketch hanging on living room wall

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