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Art solutions for interior design projects

Interior design is all about the creative arts. Many interior designers purchase art from big box stores or websites that feature assembly made art that lacks the uniqueness needed for many homes. This is where I can help, as I seek to apply my unique art styles for interior design, and to help interior designers strengthen their skills and eye for detail when working on their own client’s requests.

As an interior designer, you understand how important it is for your designs and projects to be unique and to really appeal, where correct art selection enhances a room and adds that individual piece of perfection and completeness.

Adding artistic value to any of your projects is successfully done with one or more of my art pieces, as they will add visual impact whether as an accent piece or as the room’s main focal point, and add a touch of originality to compliment your design work.


All my sculptures and art are original and handmade by myself, which is ideal for the homeowner who appreciates and loves art.




Color matched framed paintings on the wall

As an art resource for interior designers, my work as an artist has encompassed years of hard work and dedication to my medium. I have pieces available for purchase along with the ability to take on commissioned work that will align with the theme or color scheme you may be currently designing. I will work with you to create a stunning piece of art that will not only suit your requirements, but will also amaze the homeowner when they see it.

I welcome requests to create art. You can commission me to create a piece for anything that you require for your client. My techniques and processes are flexible to work with you, whether you need a few small pieces to create a statement or a more significant piece for more visual impact.

Your project isn’t complete without art. Whether you’re designing for a gallery, commercial, or residential client, healthcare center or hospitality business, I can create the perfect piece or pieces that will compliment your designs.

For both of us, art is an expression of what we do, who we are, and, most importantly what we love. Let’s work together to create the ultimate piece that will put a finishing touch on your work and bring a smile to your client and to all those who see it.

Let's grab a coffee and chat!

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