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Picasso has been a strong influence for my art career, which started when I was at school and has remained with me since.

After visiting many Pablo Picasso exhibitions over the last decade, and with me always referring to his art for guidance and inspiration, I decided to create some art from which I would discover more about the artist from a personal perspective.

I chose to use marker pens for this portrait, as I wanted to be less 'resistant' to following his style and color application because marker pens are one of my favorite mediums to use, and I am very comfortable (and confident) using them.

It was fun and a pleasure to reference such an amazing artist, and I know that many people love him too.

Framed art prints for home decor and interior design

To view this artwork as a framed art print, click here where you can select the size of print and frame stlye that will suit your home decor.

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