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Wear my Art as a T-shirt or Tank - Help support a dream

All my art is designed to truly make you feel good about yourself. I have found that people enjoy wearing my artwork because it brings life and happiness to them.

What Spiritual and Wellbeing design am I offering?

I'm so excited to be offering my first ever design collection on a t-shirt or tank top! This Spiritual and Wellbeing art theme is all about one of my favorite things - mindfulness and meditation. I truly believe in the power of mindfulness and meditation for achieving peace, wellbeing, and success in life. I hope that my designs will inspire you to live a more mindful life!

Why wear my art as a T-shirt or Tank?

Art has always been a huge part of my life. It's one of the ways I communicate and express myself. Wearing my art as a t-shirt or tank is a way for me to share my art with the world and to help support my dream of being an artist.

I believe that art should be experienced in as many ways as possible. Wearing my art as a t-shirt or tank allows people to experience my art in a new and unique way. It also allows me to connect with people who may not otherwise have the opportunity to view my art.

When you wear my art as a t-shirt or tank, you are helping me to achieve my dream of being an artist. You are also helping to spread the joy and inspiration that my art brings.

Art themed apparel

I am an artist who loves to apply designs to t-shirts, tanks and other apparel. I have been drawing since I was a little boy and I love to share my art with the world. I want to inspire others with my art and show them that they can be creative too. When you purchase one of my shirts, you are supporting my dream and helping me to continue doing what I love, so thank you so much for your support!

What's great about wearing my designs?

You know how good it feels to support a friend's dream. Wearing my art lets you do that in style! My designs are all about empowering women, men, girls and boys. When you wear one of my shirts, you are helping me to spread that message.

Additionally, a small portion of the proceeds from each shirt sale I receive from Teepublic. So not only do you look great, you feel great knowing that you are supporting an independent artist!

When can people pick from your designs?

The great thing about art is that it can be enjoyed in so many different ways. And one of those ways is by wearing it! I am excited to offer my art as a t-shirt or tank design that you can purchase to support my dream.

I will be adding new designs to my website on a regular basis, so be sure to check back often. And if you have a specific request, let me know and I will see what I can do!

The Current Collection – Spiritual and Wellbeing

The current offering I have at present include a variety of designs within my Spiritual and Wellbeing collection. You can browse through the designs and find one that speaks to you, and choose what style and color suits you best. When you find a design you like, you can purchase it as a t-shirt, tank top, hoodie or even a coffee mug!

The prices for the shirts are very reasonable, and the quality is excellent. Teepublic procures the sale of my designs from which I then receive a small percentage. There are always promotions running, so be sure to return often to see what discounts are on offer. This is a great way to show your support for me as an artist while also looking fantastic in a cool shirt!

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