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Ballroom Dancer - Figurative Sculpture

Ballroom Dancer - Figurative Sculpture

I created this sculpture Ballroom Dancer in 2019. The sculpture is of a figure caught in a performing dance pose where form has been simplified and the figure appears abstract.


Like many of us, I pick up interesting stones, shells and sticks when going for walks in the countryside. With these back in my studio, I lay out the objects on my work surfaces and then made figurative sketches using their shapes and textures to inspire the creation of this artwork.


The size of this sculpture makes an ideal focal point for tables, shelves and window sills.

  • Sketching With Inspiration

    I always use sketches and drawings to develop my ideas... to work out how to transform the shapes of objects that inspire me into the strange and beautiful shapes for my sculptures. Sketching out my ideas and how I can make the sculptures work, before actually creating them, allow me to discover many variations that can become influential to future creations.

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